Saturday, August 8, 2015

Frostbite Pain

I really need to work a little harder into getting myself to do this regularly again! I have no idea what to put here to be completely honest. Once I get into the swing of things it will become easier.

Tomorrow there is an event happening downtown, the Street Fair Medley. I will be doing some live painting there with a whole bunch of other artists. I am looking forward to that! Getting supplies together now. I was going to run to town and grab some extra things like a tarp but my Little Dude fell asleep so I have a second to attempt a blog post now. Ah the life of a mother.

I have 3 paintings up at the local art gallery currently.

- - - - - -

I did my running around and preparing for tomorrow, which is actually now today. It is wayyyy way too late in the AM and I must get a few hours of sleep in. Gah, when will I learn! Anyway, I will post one image as to not let my first actual entry be text only… so here is one of the pieces up at the gallery titled "Acid Rain and Frostbite Pain"

Thanks for looking!


  1. I understand about getting into the habit of posting, so I thought I would encourage you by commenting on your latest post! Your art is fantastic, and I love your use of color in this piece, especially on the white fur and skin- very reflective and radiates energy. I would love to see it in person, but I live too far away, lol. Maybe you can create a new post for each of your artworks just to get back into the swing. I had not posted on my blog in a few years, but I have recently put new energy into it, so I understand. Congrats and good luck on your exhibition!

    1. Hey Pumible! Thank you for leaving the very first comment on here since I have over-hauled the thing. I really hope I can revive it once again having been feeling inspired the past little while. Words of encouragement are always nice to hear. I checked out your blog, you have some very lovely work over there. Thanks again.